About Sam Clark


Sam is a fifth-generation Minnesotan who has devoted his career to protecting and empowering communities through law and policy. With roots in Otter Tail County and the Twin Cities, Sam grew up appreciating everything that makes Minnesota special.

At the time of his appointment as Saint Paul city attorney at the age of 31, Sam became the youngest currently serving city attorney for a major U.S. city. As the leader of one of Minnesota’s biggest public law offices, Sam has focused on increasing trust and transparency in the justice system and decreasing the number of lawsuits filed against the city.

With those goals in mind, Sam worked to improve the city’s police civilian review board and to create a victim services unit with an emphasis on outreach to vulnerable victims and underserved communities. Under Sam’s leadership, the Saint Paul city attorney’s office also partnered with researchers at the University of Minnesota to develop a data-driven process of identifying and interrupting disparities resulting from prosecutors’ discretionary decisions.

Before becoming the Saint Paul city attorney, Sam served as counsel to U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar on the Senate Judiciary Committee and then as her state director, where he led a team of staffers spread across offices in Rochester, Moorhead, Virginia, and Minneapolis. In his role as state director, Sam oversaw the senator’s constituent services and community outreach operations. Working for a senator who visits all of Minnesota’s 87 counties every year deepened Sam’s love for and understanding of the entire state.

As one of Senator Klobuchar’s top advisers, Sam worked closely with the senator to strengthen and update the Violence Against Women Act to include provisions on cyber stalking and protections for survivors in the LGBT and American Indian communities. Sam also worked closely with advocates and law enforcement in Minnesota on federal legislation based on Minnesota’s model of treating underage victims of sex trafficking not as criminals but as victims in need of help.

Sam received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College and obtained his law degree from Yale Law School. After law school, he clerked for Chief Judge Michael J. Davis in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota and joined the law firm of Greene Espel, where he practiced constitutional law in state and federal courts throughout Minnesota.