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I'm running for attorney general because I believe the law should protect everyone.

I know that’s not the reality for far too many people. As attorney general, I’ll make sure the people of Minnesota have an advocate who stands up for us. All of us.

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About Sam Clark

I grew up in a diverse, working-class neighborhood in Saint Paul where I learned the values of working hard, respecting and caring about your neighbors, and taking pride in your community.

My parents provided my brother and me every opportunity in the world. My dad was a judge who taught me the true meaning of the phrase “equal justice for all,” and my mom taught me the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. Together, my parents showed me what it means to work to make your community better for everyone.


Sam's Values

Now, more than ever, the people of Minnesota need an attorney general who will take on their fights and ensure that the system works equally for everyone. At every step of my career, I’ve taken on people who’ve taken advantage of others. As attorney general, I promise to stand up to:

  • Corporate bad actors like polluters, predatory payday lenders, dishonest mortgage lenders, and those who seek to prey on seniors and the most vulnerable.

  • Domestic abusers and sexual predators.

  • Racists, homophobes, and misogynists.

  • A president who made his fortune taking advantage of everyday folks and now is making it easier for other powerful interests to do the same. 

A Fair Shot for Minnesotans

Minnesotans don’t want any special breaks.

They just want a fair shot.

When I talk about a fair shot, I’m talking about someone having your back when the mortgage company swindles you with no remorse or recourse. I’m talking about having someone take on the payday lenders that set up shop and take advantage of people who need a break the most. And I'm talking about someone fighting to create a more fair and more just Minnesota.

What I’m talking about is Minnesotans having someone who will stand up and fight for them. That's what you can count on me to do as your next attorney general.

-Sam Clark

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